Grimes – REALiTi

Grimes (1)

When I initially started this vlog, I decided to post each featured artist only once a year, in an effort to show as many musicians and directors as possible, and to avoid focusing too much on any given artist.  However, as it has developed, I’ve posted multiple collaborations and interpersonal relationships among the artists, effectively posting them more than once.  My first post on this site was for Grimes, and I didn’t say much about her, so I’ve decided to post her again.  (also, I obviously just watched a bunch of her videos, and found that “fly young red” song on her video feed.)

Grimes (Claire Boucher, Canadian), in addition to being a high priestess in a cult devoted to Bureaucracy, is one of those girls with enough raw talent to develop a career almost entirely on her own.  Her initial music was dark, moody – something akin to medieval, modal goth music.  She explored more club and pop oriented sounds over time, and has released much music with a broadly attractive sound, but without sacrificing her ingenuity and uniqueness.  I’m not even sure where I would categorize her music (outside of broad genre terms), but listening to her catalogue makes me feel like we have many similar tastes.  She’s also quite a talented artist, and has a fashion sense that few other people could make work.  But, she does it, and very well.

In addition to writing and producing music, singing, creating art for her albums and gallery shows, she also directs her own music videos.  Rather than comment on REALiTi, posted above, I’m copying Grimes’ comments about the song/video release:

“Since this is no longer gonna be on the album, I’m releasing it as a special thank you to everyone in Singapore, KL, Manila, Jakarta, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo who came out to the shows! It was an honor to play with a bunch of amazing bands and travel to places I would never otherwise be able to go[.]

This song was never finished. its a demo from ~ the lost album ~, recorded early 2013. i lost the ableton file, so its not mixed or mastered. i tried to doctor the mp3 into a listenable state, but it was poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone, so its a bit of a mess haha.


XO, indeed.

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