Taylor Swift – Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar


Taylor Swift, a self-professed once-nerdy-teenager, has transformed herself from a country music singer into an international pop star, and still continues to branch out.  Songs like “Trouble” gained a lot of recognition for the dubstep influenced chorus, and it looks like she has a taste for hip hop, as well.  Who knows where she’ll be in 10 years, but many people are watching which paths she picks.  The song Bad Blood is appropriately titled, and was written in response to some questionably vicious behaviour by Katy Perry.  Taylor touted, “it wasn’t about a guy!” but rather, Katy Perry (after numerous occasions of slanting two-faced insults to Taylor during award ceremonies) finally made her stance as “enemy,” not “friend,” when she tried to undermine Taylor’s tour with an attempt to buy-out Taylor’s arena crew onto a new contract.

Taylor, maintaining her poise and propriety, did not bash her in the media or flame her on twitter — instead, she released a song (debuted at the Billboard Awards) faceting her strengths, rather than prey upon Katy’s weaknesses.  It seems like many people in the world look at success and talent as a challenge, rather than an aspect to be cherished – perhaps because it reflects upon their own shortcomings.  I’m risking my street cred on this one, but I think Taylor is truly gifted, and by virtue of being herself, challenges others to aspire to do more.

They have both been successful musicians, and Katy Perry even got Corey Feldman to appear in her T.G.I.F. video … but let’s take a look at who’s on Team Taylor in the Sin City / 5th Element / Minority Report / Tron inspired video above:

  1. Catastrophe:  Taylor Swift
  2. Arsyn:  Selena Gomez
  3. Welvin Da Great:  Kendrick Lamar
  4. Lucky Fiori:  Lena Dunham
  5. The Trinity:  Hailee Steinfeld
  6. Dilemma:  Sirayah
  7. Slay-Z:  Gigi Hadid
  8. Destructa X:  Ellie Goulding
  9. Homeslice:  Martha Hunt
  10. Mother Chucker:  Cara Delevigne
  11. Cut Throat:  Zendaya
  12. The Crimson Curse:  Hayley Williams
  13. Knockout:  Karlie Kloss
  14. Domino:  Jessica Alba
  15. Justice:  Mariska Hargitay
  16. Luna:  Ellen Pompeo
  17. Headmistress:  Cindy Crawford  (anyone over age 35 understands why she earned this honorable title)

I’ll never fully understand why people try to mock and shame those who have talent, skill, energy, conviction…if you don’t like her music, then just don’t listen to it.  I’m with Taylor on this one.

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