The Chemical Brothers – Go


The Chemical Brothers, a Manchester, England dance duo, reach back to about 1990, where the electronic dance “big beat” style hit the spotlight along with Prodigy, Orbital, etc..  It is inevitable in music that things will repeat themselves (although John Cage might disagree), which includes song titles.  While Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea used “Pretty Girls” as a title, along with Little Dragon (both songs appear in this vlog), the very first post in this blog was Grimes’ “Go.”  And so now you have Chemical Brothers’ “Go.”  While none of these songs are theme/variations upon each other, it’s interesting to see how artists interpret the meanings and semblances of simple words in distinct ways.

The Chemical Brothers have a long career in dance music success, including five #1 albums and thirteen Top 20 singles.  Their 90’s style and production was stiff and heavily processed, but their later music holds a more tangible, human quality.  Now that we all know how amazing music machines really are, it’s refreshing to see artists attempt to produce a more human feel.  This is most notable to me in their rhythm section and their lyrics.  While previous hits from the past like “Block Rockin Beats” had thunderous drum loops and wild vocal samples, the song “Go” has lain into a more mature presentation, walking a groove smooth enough to hook historically influential hip hop pioneer Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest) as a collaborative vocal artist.  And, of course, they nabbed Michel Gondry to direct their video.

Included below is “Galvanize” – another song featuring Q-Tip from a couple years back.

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