Mefjus feat. Dope D.O.D – Godzilla


Austrian drum and bass producer Mefjus released a CGI video for his track Godzilla at the end of 2014, about a month after releasing his debut album (which is appropriately available on vinyl).  While many modern artists critique certain CGI for not having enough rendered layers, fine detail, light sources, realistic effects… I think the video is a good example of how “basic” animation still works if it’s creative and imaginitive.  This video is just cool.  It doesn’t need to look like a $5 million production because it’s just done right, as it is.  I feel the same way about the use of CGI in Tei Shi’s video for “Bassically,” which I posted recently before this one.

The D&B genre has waned over the past years, being replaced by a prominent trend towards dubstep and other earbleeding amp-busters.  It’s nice to see a truly talented artist like Mefjus stoke the fire a bit with an updated D&B sound that doesn’t break away from its roots.  Guest rappers D.O.D. definitely add an aggressive dancefloor appeal to this track, and the rest of the album, Emulation, is just as strong.

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