Lynx – Clap Track


Lynx is a well-known D&B producer in the UK who has been on the scene since 1996, releasing his first track at age 17.  About one year ago, he signed on with Hospital Records to debut his third album through their label, titled I Am Lynx.  The song “Clap Track” might not be as progressive as some of the others from his album, but it’s an incredibly DJ-friendly track which has definitely made its way into a few setlists.  One thing I love about the video version of this song is the voice sample included at the beginning, “and no matter what you think about rock’n’roll, I think you need to keep a nice open mind about what the young people go for.”  It’s as if he is admitting his intentions:  drop a sick D&B track for popular DJs, then make a hipster video for it.  Let’s face it, swing dancing looks wildly exciting, and few people seem as happy to move as swing dancers do.  Perfect match for a pop D&B track.

Included below is a Parov Stelar (mentioned recently) video for “Chambermaid Swing,” which is one of those DJ-friendly tracks that helped him gain a good amount of recognition.  Parov Stelar did not release this “tribute” video, which was published about 4 years ago, but you might notice a similarity in video footage.  What can I say…these guys know what the kids like.  😉

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