from Boy Better Know to Man Better Know, JME can actually stand behind his lyrics in the song “Work.”  The UK Grime scene has a tendency to adopt the glorified violence, misogyny, and drug abuse of american “gangsta” rap (as do many other non-american rap scenes), but JME branches a bit farther.  Roots may be dark and dirty, but not everything grows in the Kartel.   He started out as “just a rapper” in the Meridian Crew, but when many of his counterparts left the scene due to waning success, he decided to build his own ship.  So he founded his own record label, began producing his own music, produced a lot of other talented artists, decided to co-own a second record label, founded his own nightclub, and created a t-shirt company bearing his name.  IMO, I think one of the reasons the Grime scene still exists is because of JME, his constant innovation, and his ability to reject other people’s bullshit.

another of his recent videos, below – “Integrity” – shows his incredible skill in one of the coolest, cockiest tongue twists i’ve heard.

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