BINKBEATS – Rhythmiconomy

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Mentioned in an earlier post here, BINKBEATS showcased his talents by performing a series of songs written by other artists.  He approaches the songs with an organic sense, producing sound and timbre definitive in performing both a song “as it was written,” while also exhibiting his own personality, background, and interpretation.  He is part of a number of artists who have utilized the internet (and particularly YouTube) to great advantage, expressing their talent to a much broader audience than they would otherwise have achieved.  Of course, incredible production talent, and various creative venues, have also emerged to help showcase these artists.

The video above was filmed at Kytopia, a studio with artist residencies in Utrecht.  I’m glad to see BINKBEATS perform some of his long-awaited original compositions, which come from his newly released EP, Private Matter Previously Unavailable, Part 1.  The song above, “Rhythmiconomy,” balances a somewhat minimal approach to individual sound and timbre while playing with some pretty complex time-signatures.  The smoothly engaging evolution of rhythms, instruments, and ambiance speaks uniquely BINKBEATS.

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